Band Dating – WLTM sonic revolutionists for MY Noise 2013

In March 2013 we will be putting on MY Noise festival which will focus on encouraging musicians in Medway to be much more experimental and sonically playful. We want to stir things up, turn heads in Medway and cause a bit of a noise in the music scene and to do that we want more new bands and more collaboration. So…

How to apply:

Read the rest of this post and don’t ask if your current band can play, but instead apply to be part of one of (hopefully) many experimental new bands through our Band Dating page – it’s like a blind date for musicians to form bands (please mention that you want to be considered for MY Noise).

We thought it would be awesome to do the band dating thing for MY Noise as you can be part of it even if you don’t yet play an instrument, or can’t afford an instrument – noise can be made by kicking a kettle or stepping on Fearne Cotton’s foot (feel free to swap the verbs there). If you want to be part of it, but don’t quite understand what we’re trying to achieve or what we mean by ‘experimental’, just email us – we’re a friendly bunch and we’ll point you in the direction of some noise we like. We’re also having a night of watching documentaries to show where our inspiration came from which might help to tweak your sonic receptivity (again, email us for details gigs [at]

What is the idea behind MY Noise?

MY Noise will take influence from the creation of experimental music scenes during the last few decades in an attempt to boost experimentation and collaboration in the Medway area. Such music scenes have includes Krautrock, No-Wave and NY Noise. This will be done by encouraging the formation of new bands which will experiment with sonics in some way. The festival should not be about ‘loudness’ or ‘strange sounds’ but about ‘sonics‘ and ‘experimentation‘ (although loudness and strange sounds can obviously still be achieved).

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