Band Dating

Do you have issues with only meeting boring musicians with egos the size of really fat skinny jeans? Or having a jam and some toss rolls out a 20 minute solo that drones without being good like drone music? Maybe you talk to people excitedly about a new Deerhoof album only to be asked ‘have you heard the new Simply Red album?’ in return? Or do you like Simply Red and want to meet other mums? Or do you fancy actually forming a relationship with a hot fellow band member because nobody uses Myspace anymore? TEA has the solution! Sign up to our new Band Dating service and we’ll put like minded awesome musicians together to form bands.

How will it work? You fill in a form to tell us what your approach to writing music is (and things like availability). When we find enough people with roughly similar outlooks on making music, we’ll arrange a practice room for you. We won’t tell you who will be there until you turn up. After the first practise, you will need to arrange further practices yourselves.

NOTE: This may not work! We won’t be responsible if you die or injure yourself or your credibility as a result. We are in the process of trying to arrange free practice room hire but if not, we might have to ask people to chip in to cover the cost. This is not a money making venture for us, we just want to see some new bands being formed in Medway.

This form is completely confidential – nobody will see it other than TEA.







What instruments do you play?

Do you have all required equipment needed to play those instruments?

Would you sing?

If you sing, would you write your own lyrics?

If so, what kind of stuff would you sing about?

If you don’t sing, what would you NOT like a singer to sing about?

Please give details of any former bands you’ve been in.

Name some of your favourite bands.

If any, which bands do you think most influence your songwriting?

Do you have a car?

If so, are you willing to pick up others?

If you don’t own a car, are there any towns in Medway you can’t get to for practice?

Do you have a PA you’d be willing to bring if required?

Do you have any access requirements?

Are there any regular weekday evenings you can’t do?

Other than regular weekday evenings you can’t do, are there any other dates you can’t do?

Is your availability likely to change in the next three months?

2 Responses to Band Dating

  1. chris says:

    Always up for a jam with different peeps i play towards funk jazz but enjoy playing all styles…

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