‘Chloe, how much do you know about hip-hop?’

The considerably amusing and equally cringing 1986 ‘Apple collection’ we posted on the Tea Social Facebook page this morning has started a whole eighties theme in the TEA office, all thanks to an attempted clothing line by the brand of tech masters who created Macs and i-pads. This resulted in the creative master mind of Matt having a thought and a dubious question; ‘So Chloe, how much do you know about hip-hop..?’ Whether a blog post on eighties hip-hop by an individual who was in fact born after the era is a good idea…questionable. But it is an excuse for the TEA team to listen to another master, the one and only Grandmaster Flash, and boogie like they were born in the eighties.

So of course hip hop came from my favourite city; New York. It’s a difficult place to describe. Atmospherically cultural might cut it in a general kind of way, there was an impressive vibe there in February of this year. So what it was like in the 80’s is left to the wild and colourful (really, really colourful) imagination.

In the hot seat,  I would probably blurt out ‘MC Hammer!’ in the hip hop category, knowing the song that goes something along the lines of na na na na ‘U cant touch this’ and the phrase ‘Hammertime’.

Next, thanks to the Fresh Prince and the legendary Carlton, there aren’t many people today who can’t do a general re-enactment of ‘Jump on it’ by Sir Mix-A-Lot, hopefully without throwing someone across the room afterwards.


And who can forget the Salt-N-Pepa  hit ‘Push It’, a song I obviously know thanks to the ‘Less salt, Less fat’ Co-op advert where a number of dressed-up animated female sheep sing a pretty good cover.

Salt N Pepa sheep

So this is a short overview of my immediate thoughts on hip-hop. Like the appealing horribleness of the Apple collection, being so bad it’s good, is it fair to say that eighties hip hop is acceptable not just in the eighties? (It is advisable to put on a pair of Hammer pants before you make your decision.)


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